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"Frank not only understands the music he helped create it as an engineer. Being apart of music gives him a knife edge to where the sound is going and what people want to hear. With Frank's help my career has reached new heights and I am connecting to an audience that understands what I have been doing all these years. Frank Roszak is simply put has a solid integrity and is amazing for music.

Eliza Neals (Recording Artist)





"Gio Pilato Credit to you, Frank, to your dedication to music. You truly believe in the message and spirit of one of the greatest forms of art in the world with an inimitable passion and love. I applaud you, my friend, for being so inspirational

Gio Pilato




"Over the last five plus years, the best radio promo person that we have dealt with is hands down Frank Roszak working with Delta Groove. Frank never lost focus of what he was about (promoting the artists)and was always there to fill you in on whatever we needed to enhance the artist on our show. Frank also stayed in touch with us along the way and valued our feedback, which made us feel like we were being heard as well as the artist. Hands down, if I were producing music and wanted someone to promote my record to the radio industry, Frank Roszak would be my first choice to handle my music.

Rob Markham & Brian Mulvihill ("Shout Brother Shout", WXCI 91.7)




"In the world of music and radio promotion, the promoters I respect are the ones who take the time to study and understandv my station.  The ones who build relationships with me over the long haul, not ones who push hard on an artist or CD that doesn't fit my stations format or direction.  I also respect a promoter that consistently and respectfully follows up on his clients progress on my station.  Frank Roszak is one of those people.  You may be surprised to know how rare these traits are in the blues world."

Jon Norton (Music Director, WGLT & GLT Blues Radio, Normal, IL)

"Thanks for all you do. You are doing a great job at getting the word out on so many deserving artists."

John Miles (KZFR)

"I had the pleasure of starting a collaboration with Frank some years ago when he promoted Seth Walker's "Leap of Faith" release and I was immediately struck by his availability and professionalism. Thanks to him I had the opportunity to play the best contemporary blues and to get this genre known to a vast number of radio listeners in an area where this sound is not familiar. 'In bocca al lupo Frank!' For this new venture!"
Simone Bargelli (DJ for the Italian blues radio-show "Rock n Blues Today" on air since 1989)

"Thanks for all the help in getting the word out about these artists. We appreciate your time and efforts and I for one, look forward to your Care Packages with great anticipation. Keep it up amigo."
John Porter (WCVE / Time For The Blues)




“Very cool article and interview.. Happy to see you get some attention and accolades for all you do.. Hopefully see you at my party on Sunday December 2nd from 1 to 7 pm at the Poorhouse Bistro in San Jose... I know it’s a long way to go, but its always a killer show... if you can't, I also understand... keep doin what your doing and I'll talk to you soon, Noel.”
Noel Hayes - KPOO

"A publicist always helps, I recommend Frank Roszak."
Amy Hart (Artist)

“Frank, Nice interview linked from BFG.  With all the artists you name as being excited about, I am glad to be in such good company.”
Tas Cru (Artist)

“Hey Frank - just read the interview. Very nicely done.  Congratulations. Made me feel privileged to be a small part of your network. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.”
Don Priest - KFSR

“Very cool Frank, great piece for a great promoter. Thanks for all your help this year.”
Jon Norton - WGLT

“Thank you so much Frank!! You rock!!!”
Victor Wainwright (Artist)

“AWESOME Frank!  Thanks for all the fantastic releases,,,,best with the
upcoming Holidays!”
Mike Halmo - WBOR

“Hey Frank, nice article about you in last weeks Blues Festival E-Guide. I feel like I know you a bit better now.  I will hold off on the Pet Shop Boys jokes.”
Ron Hoerter Great Northern Blues Society

“This is great Frank!!! Congrats!!”
Luca Giordano (Artist)

“Hey Frank, Thanks so much for the mention! Hope you are doing well.”
Brandon Santini (Artist)

“Nice interview....Congratulations.”
Scott Mann - WYAV

“Congrats on this great interview! I learned a lot about you that I didn't know! Thanks for supporting the music that I love to support! I hope to see you soon!”
Dave Harrison - BluzNdaBlood Show

“I  really enjoyed the article about you. You are doing a great job in promoting the music we love.
and I particularly liked the part where you mentionned Corey Lueck. I think his album should have been nominated in the Maple Blues Awards. It is definitely one of my favorite canadian album for 2012.
Anyway, keep up the good work”
Jean Pierre Petit - CKUT

“Frank, I flipped through the latest e-news from your site.  Quite interesting and informative.  You're not afraid to share, are you?  You're good for the industry...that's for sure.”
Wayne Vermette CFRC

"Hiring Frank Roszak was one of the best things I ever did..Mission accomplished and then some! I will definitely be using him again."

 JP Soars





"I am very anxious hearing the new albums you send me the info about. It will certainly be great, you never disappointed me."

Eric Campfens - Barn Owl Blues

"Keep the good stuff coming my friend!"
Charlie Frazier WIZN






"Roszak's a straight up cat that knows the biz inside and out. A real mover and shaker that can get the job done and done right....always a pleasure working with him."
The Blues Hound (90.1 FM KPFT Houston)

"My name is Michael Quick & I host a radio show on KCOR, Kansas City Online Radio called Crossroad Blues that I've been doing for about 6 months. Early on in the development of my program as I was trying to make contacts in the industry, I received an email from Frank offering me any assisstance he could give including setting up promo's, interview's, station ID's and such from the artists that he handled at Delta Groove Records, also informing me that he was sending out CD's to me for airplay. Being a rookie DJ, I asked my boss, Troy Schell, who this Frank Roszak was? He immediately replied "If there's any one contact you want in this business, he's the one! Don't lose that email!" In my humble opinion, truer words have never been spoken. Frank has gone above and beyond all my expectations from day one of our relationship. With constant communication and support, I feel that I've made more of a friend than a business contact. Thank you Frank for everything you have done to make my show a success. I look forward to working with you in the future in any capacity. I am proud to call you my friend. I'm sure you will be a great success in whatever you do."
Michael "Mickey" Quick (Crossroad Blues/KCOR)


"Frank Roszak is a man of duty...always he will make the first move. In my case he send me albums - cd's and let me do my movements in promo work. You are really a great person, blues lover and everybody feels that.  Man of action, words he will do everything to represent somethin' new and fresh. So people, Frank Roszak it's fine  & right choice for promotion every band or musician. Don't wait him ..right away. For me ... in past few years we have a really nice collaboration with so much respect."
Mladen Loncar (Blues For You - radio show @ 96,6 MHz Radio Krizevci - Croatian Blues Forces)


"Frank Roszak is excellent at identifying new "niche audiences" for artists. I worked successfully with him to bring "blues" artists such as Jackie Payne/Steve Edmonson to the attention of the Soul/R&B community at thru a creative series of email blasts, chat sessions and internet radio broadcasts. Such out of the box thinking is rare these days."
Bob Davis (

"Thank you, Frank, for introducing me and our listeners to some of the most talented artists out there recording on the Delta/Eclecto Groove labels:  Mike Zito, Ana Popovic, Mannish Boys, Jackie Payne/Steve Edmonson Band…
I have mentioned before on the air (more than once) that these labels have some of the best talent.  Thanks for everything you've done for the blues, and good luck with your new endeavor (and keep sending the good stuff!)."
Norma Martinez (Host "Friday Night Blues" / KTEP 88.5 FM /

"I know Frank Roszak for quite a long time. Besides a big music fan, he is also a person with a great commitment, passion and dedication for his work. Frank is a real professional in the music business!!"
Vicente Zumel, Radio PICA / La Hora del Blues. Barcelona (Spain)

"Having dealt with Frank on a number of occasions, I have been impressed with his professionalism and personable nature...his knowledge of the business made my job easier."
Cam Hayden (Co-Producer of Edmonton's Labatt Blues Festival, Announcer/Producer, CKUA Radio Network)

"Many folks claim to have their finger on the pulse of the blues but really do not. Frank is one of the few who truly does, always helpful and knowledgeable in my professional interactions with him."
Frank-John Hadley (Downbeat blues columnist, etc.)

"Frank has always taken good care of us - making sure we had the latest music and checking to see what we thought of it. Always the man to say, 'thanks,' as soon as we let him know we played a track on our program. For anyone concerned about properly and thoroughly promoting music (or anything else), I can heartily recommend Frank Roszak!"
David Fusco (VP Operations - Music Unlimited, producer of the nationally-syndicated Blues Deluxe radio program)

"I wish you luck on this exciting project, from my blues program on Radio Vilafant from Spain, I give my full support."
Josep Palmada (Radio Vilafant, Spain /

"Hello Frank, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you the best with your new company.  You certainly have the knowledge and experience to be successful."

Dana Fargnoli (Blues Director, WCNI,  90.9 FM, New London, CT)



"Frank, thanks so much for being so responsive and for all your help with promotion.  The Delta Groove artist interviews and release give-aways get a great audience response every time and I appreciate that you're so thorough and easy to work with."

Chas Lewis (Host, The South Side, KHUM-FM, Humboldt Co, CA)

"Blues Moon Radio wishes Frank Roszak great success and we anticipate great music playing on the air from his artists' new releases!"
Clair DeLune (Blues Moon Radio host and music historian Tuesday is Bluesday) 

"I wish you luck on this exciting project, from my blues program on Radio Vilafant from Spain, I give my full support."
Josep Palmada (Red Hot Blues, Vilafant, Spain)

"Thank you, Frank. You have sent me some high quality CDs, more so than anyone else. I appreciate it."
Robert "Blues Up The River" KGGV


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